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    Are we all in agreement on something?

    Beckett's prices really don't hold any real weight anymore. Unless you are insane enough to buy from a hobby shop anymore, cards never go for BV other than trading. A card books at 100 bucks, you are deal lucky to get 30 for it in cash weither it's ebay, here or anywhere. Especially at a hobby shop. I took a Reggie Bush Topps Chrome Auto 4 months ago that I pulled from a retail box to my local card shop. He offered me 60 bucks for it. I about flipped my lid. I took my card out of his hand and proceeded to walk out the door. I am going to hold it until he breaks some major record and then bay it. It's just tough to get decent prices for cards anymore. Everyone is looking for the steal. Opinions anyone?

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    I know exactly what you are talking about. I went to a show over the weekend and asked one of the dealers to look through my book and see if their was anything he liked for the card I had picked. He picked out my bush auto which was way more and asked me if I'd sell. I said I would and he offered me 250 which is 100 dollars below what I would get on ebay

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    You might wanna throw it up on the bay before people realize he is gonna be a bust.

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    hes not going to be a bust but there is too much hype. People need to wait and see what will happen when him and Deuce are not sharing carrys

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    Beckett has never been remotely close to accurate but it is a guide to use for buying and selling. Now you can simply use the closed auction search on Ebay to see what things are actually selling for. There is no excuse for Beckett to be as far off as they are. Remember, most of their advertisers benefit from artificially high card prices. If you see some outrageously high book values you will lean towards that product.

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    Remember people were paying high dollar for both Manning and Ryan Leaf in 1998!

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    You have to understand is beckett values reflect the highest average people are paing for cards on the secondary market which does not include Ebay. People look at Ebay as the sole place for value but Beckett does not. They take into account so much more than just auctions.

    As for the guy who was complaining about what a guy offered for his Bush Auto, you ar elucky they offered you the $250. Most dealers when paying for a single card will usually only give you 40% or a little higher cash for the card and in the range of 50-60% in trade value. You have to understand that is a part of being in business to make money. if those guys went around paying what some lunatices pay on Ebay for stuff, they wouldn't be in business. Also, many of those dealers know the going price and again, it goes back to making money. Most dealers make their money on packs and supplies, not on singles.

    I think too many people are overly sensitive to what Beckett prices cards at. If you don't like it, don't use it. But don't get pi**ed off if someone won't give you a buyers price in trade value you for it. Personally, I will trade in favor of another trader as long as I am getting something(s) I want. BV comes into effect but if I value it a little higher, then I will certainly trade a little better for it. It's time to quit being so sensitive and get real. I have been in collecting for over 17 years and never heard so much criticism from people as I do these days. It's like a guy once said to me, "why the hell are they worth anything at all. All they are is cut out pictures of players on a cardboard backing". Be lucky they carry value because they could be just what they are supposed to be for, collectibility in a hobby with zero value.
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    BUST BUST...its just like value on your car though. It may be valued at $20,000 and you could only sell it for $13,000....

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    I go into a potential purchase knowing already what I want to spend. I collect lower end players so I never end up having to pay much.

    When I buy a card, I have NO idea of BV (unless it is listed on the sale list) or the seller tells me what the BV is. I buy at a price I feel comfortable with. I have found a LOT of folks here on this site and a few others are offended by my offers which is why I don't like to offer...I would prefer the person selling to straight up give me a price and if I decline there are no hurts feelings or feelings of being "lowballed" and the seller can counter if they wish. I have paid anywhere from 10% of BV to over all depends on how much I want the card and how much I have to spend.

    With trading, I generally go with BV because no one is willing to trade me the players I collect at SV. For the most part I like to just trade for something I like, I have given up double BV a number of times in a trade because I just don't care about the cards and want the one I am trading for.

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    When the people on this Forum refer to BV they usually mean high book, correct?
    When do you feel that you are getting a good deal? It appears that almost everyone here sells for a bit less than low book, shipped.
    I realize that there are exceptions.


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