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    WTTF: Atlanta Braves GU AND AUTOS and RC's

    Let me know if you got anything. Willing to trade,and give cardcash. :)

  2. SCC Fall 2017
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    03 donruss studio leather and lumber andruw jones bat.

    From your site, i liked the-
    Hee Seop Choi 2003 Fleer Prospects Jersey #ed 0222/1250
    Nathan Haynes [A's Prospect] 1999 Team Best Autograph

    LMK if you would deal those 2 for the Jones. BV is $1 in your favor.


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    I want your yogi berra gu. ill give you a furcal auto, 03 sc andy martes gold rc, & a chipper jones jersey.

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    Rippaflow no thanks I just got that for my birthday from my uncle. Maybe some other time though. :)

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    Oh, i thought the Jones booked at $12, must be because i have a relatively old beckett.
    Will you deal just the Choi for it? I think the Choi also books at $10.

    I'm looking for around 150 CC wise for the Jones.


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    Ok then its BV is $10. I will try to get my CC up and when I do I might buy it from you.

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