I have decided to put together my own packs with my own spin.

Each pack of cards contains 3 cards. A rookie, an insert and a GU. Each pack is $7.00 delivered.

All information can be found on my site:

I have made 100 packs of each sports, Baseball and Football . Within each sport there will be a "SUPER CARD" which will be inserted randomly in the packs. For the first round the SUPER CARDS are listed below.

Baseball - Honors Nolan Ryan Auto BV$150

Football - 2006 Contenders Marcus Vick SP Auto (currently selling on Beckett in the $125-$150 range

There will also be MANY other middle to high end GU, rookies and Inserts in these packs. The will also be some lower end GU, rookies and inserts. I do not want anyone to be disappointed when they do not pull a superstar. You will love these packs. I sold some at a card show a couple of months back and had customers coming back for more

These pack sales take place off of SCF, so no feedback or monitoring will be done by SCF staff. (Thanks Viking for the wording)