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Thread: Couple of new GU

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    Couple of new GU

    Hello Fellow Collectors,

    Have the following for sale that I just got in

    Magglio Ordonez-2003 T204 jsy
    Magglio Ordonez-2003 Donruss Challenge jsy
    Todd Helton-2003 Box Score Press Clippings jsy
    Greg Maddux-2003 Focus jsy
    Tony Gwynn-2001 Platinum jsy

    You can have them each for $3 a pop or 2 for $5.Take them all for $11.All prices must add shipping.

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    ill have to take the ordonez t205 i sold it already so now each are 3 dollars each plus shipping.lmk

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    Would like the Gwynn but I am DANGEROUSLY short on cash. Got any wants?

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    also have to add

    andruw jones 2001 spx jsy/bat combo

    ill take $5 shipped for these

    ill use this as mt bump instead of editing.

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