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    Need at least $40 in GU/Autos from....

    I need that much in GU/autos of current Cowboys. Please LMK what you have and what you would need for them from my site.

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    I have this:

    Chad Hutchinson Auto/RC-2002 SP Authentic #190(0968/1150) BV $50

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    Did not see anything unless there is something in the personal collection page you can trade.

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    It would depend on what in my PC you want for it. LMK

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    one of these:

    LaDainian Tomlinson 2001 Pacific RC Auto 947/1500 #459

    Marc Bulger 2000 E-X RC #107 BGS 9.5 serial #0002464876 (1 of 1 graded population to date)

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    I think I'll pass. The LT is part of my PC for a reason, I collect him and the Bulger will surely be much higher than $50. I also won't trade either because I am just gonna turn around and trade the card you have for something else I want and it wouldn't be worth it to give up either one of them cards for it. Thanks anyway.

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