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    Would like a good game-used for my cc!350!

    I'm trying to get a nice game-used for all of my cc!If I need to add a few dollars and maybe a SASE to get an even better game-used then I will do so!

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    Hey, how about a Pujols base card or two? ;) If you don't want them anymore, I understand...just thought you were interested in giving up some cc for whatever I could find of Pujols...If you're still interested, lmk, and I'll tell you Friday when I get home. Thanks


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    Yeah I was still trying to save up some cc for you!If someone said all of your cc I was going to tell them no!I look forward to hearing from you and what Pujols you have!

    Tell me about your I-rod gu!What team,year?All that fun stuff!

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    sure!I'll pm you my addy, then I'll transfer my cc!
    Thanks alot!

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    Still have 200 left but saving 50 for someone so what can anyone offer for 150 cc??Looking for game-used mostly!

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