I am wanting to trade these to get a high end auto. I am going to have around $50 paypal also. Not looking for anything specific. Let me know what you are interested in and what you have. If nobody wants these, they are going on ebay tomorrow.

2003 SPX Terrell Suggs Jersey Auto /1100 - $40 bv
2005 Bowman Chrome Shawne Merriman Auto - $40 bv
2006 Bowman Sterling Reggie Bush Jersey - $40 bv
2006 Topps Heritage Vince Young jersey - $20 bv

Maybe these 2 for right offer:

2005 Absolute Memoribilia Rookie Premire Materials Spectrum Braylon Edwards Triple Game Used (Shoe lace/football/2 color patch) /75 - $36 bv (need more in trade)
2005 Absolute Memoribilia Tools of the Trade Chad Pennington Triple Patch 10/10!!! - n/a bv

All cards are in my bucket and IN HAND!!!