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Thread: Keith Van Horn RC for sale

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    Keith Van Horn RC for sale

    I have a 1997 Score Board Keith Van horn RC. Not sure how much it books. If someone has that info it would be great. But im nto a huge basketballf an so Im willing to sell it pretty cheap. Reply here or email me.,

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    Actually i beileve it might be an insert. The number is 4 of 20 and it is in the shape of a 1. it has a silver backround and says 2nd overall pick in the bottom right corner

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    Here you go. Hope this helps.

    1997 Score Board Rookies #1 Die-Cuts 4 Keith Van Horn $12.00
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    THank you very Much. I appreciate it. So we see that it is valued at 12.00 so I will set my price at 4.00 which is still negotiable
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