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    Bowman Sterling Pack Break Results FT

    I just picked up a pack of 06 Bowman Sterling At my local card store....

    I know this should be in the box breaks but i am looking to trade

    Here are the Results:

    Kyle Draybeck AUTO
    Kris Johnson AUTO
    Petit Jersey/AUTO
    Joel Zumyua Base Rookie

    There was one refractor of some no-body prospect but there was a huge crease in the back, i know i could send it back but i really dont think its worth it

    I would apreciate Your thoughts on how i did and please LMK if your interested....

  2. Kronozio
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    You did alright, nothing spectacular but nothing terrible.

    Drabek books 30, Johnson books 12, Petit books 10, and the Zumaya books 5. WHo was the 5th guy in the pack?


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    hey, i'd be interested in buying the drabek auto off of you. phillies right? plmk, thanks.
    Hidden Content (MOSTLY AUTOS & GAME-USED)

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    The last guy was some marlins cabrerra prospet

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    could I get the 1st name (sorry to nit-pick).

    Thanks, Eric

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    jurgy: yea hold on, the refractor was in my car because of the rip so i will have to wait until my brother gets back with the car

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    haha naw don't worry about it. not a big deal. Still not a bad break.


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