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    Live Break (2) Target Excell 9.99 2 packs and a gu

    these have 2 packs and a game used card

  2. Kronozio
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    pack 1 has a pack of 2006 upper deck series 2 and a pack of 2005 topps rookie cup.

    rookie cup: bobby cox #/199 i guess red version?
    upper deck 2; all base but a soriano and a loney rc

    game used ; scott rolen bat card from the 2003 leaf certified mirror red. i wish donruss was still producing baseball cards

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    yeah i miss donruss too good luck on the second pack.

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    pack 2 has 2006 upper deck series 1 and rookie cup

    upper deck 1; all base, best card in pack javier vazquez :(

    rookie cup; nothing good best card jose canseco flashback 87 topps

    game used; :( john buck game used jersey from the 2003 leaf certified mirror red.

    i wish only only bought the first pack :(

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    It seems like in those packs, all the gu or autos are from the Leaf mirror or certified stuff.


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    yea i think so. i had luck once i pulled and arod game used so i've beed hooked ever since. i haven't gotten anything good since :(

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    hey, i like that bobby cox #ed if its FT, thanks!!

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