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    I am looking for jersey cards of 500 hr club members, I need

    jersey cards of the following:

    Babe Ruth
    Jimmie Foxx
    Ted Williams
    Willie Mays
    Mickey Mantle
    Hank Aaron
    Ernie Banks
    Harmon Killebrew
    Reggie Jackson
    Mike Schmidt
    Mark Mcgwire
    LMK ifyou have any of these, dont bother looking at my page, it isnt working

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    UPDATE: My page is working again, and I updated it, LMK if you have any of these, or just want some of my cards.

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    I have these 4:
    Harmon Killebrew (03 topps chrome record breakers)
    Reggie Jackson(03 fabris of the game #'d to 50)
    Mike Schmidt(03 topps chrome record breakers)
    Mark Mcgwire(03 sweet spot classic)
    looking for h.o.f. autos in fb/bb or star 00 fb autographics

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    only the reggie but i have several different reggies and am sure i have another that is vertical

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    I have a Mickey Mantle

    I have a 2003 UD Auth. Mickey Mantle Jersey. I am looking for 2003 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classsic Patch Cards And Autos. Do you have any for trade?

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    Just a reminder. I traded you a Reggie Jackson jersey.
    Not sure if you wanted more or not but it was still on your list.

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