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Thread: Looking to trade or sell these

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    Looking to trade or sell these

    Would rather trade than sell. Looking for reasonable offers
    I have
    2002 sweet spot rookie gallery clinton portis jsy BV $30 sell for $25
    2002 spx winning material harrington BV 40 not for sale unless high offer
    2002 fleer hot prospects harrington rc jsy BV $40 same as other harrington
    2002 ultra charles rogers rc BV $12 sell for $8
    chad pennington game used fleer BV $15 sell for $8
    2002 atomic patch lamar smith BV? (i think like $25, part of nfl logo) sell for $15
    2001 spx david terrel rc BV $15 sell for $7
    2002 flair patrick ramsey BV $15 (will go up) sell for $10

    03-04 topps Lebron James (only for trade for others, may sell for $25 going on ebay for that)

    The prices listed include shipping and insurance. I added $2 for those, thats why prices are a little high.

    I have baseball and basketball cards on my site. I don't have the carter, bonds, giambi, stallworth or willis.

    Looking for harrington rpm or other harrigton rcs game used and autos that books $10 or more dontrelle willis, spx auto rcs, rpm rcs, vick, zito, harden,willis, lebron, pujols, clinton portis, priest holmes and players in my sig. I really would only trade my harrington for antoher one (Might trade for other depends if i really like it) . Let me know.

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    Do you have a scan of this:
    2002 atomic patch lamar smith BV? (i think like $25, part of nfl logo) sell for $15?

    PLMK because I might be interested in it.

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