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    I am trying to get rid of a Roy Oswalt Piece of Game Gold Parallel numbered to 50

    I am looking to get rid of this card but only want money and no cards. I am open for offers so let me know. I just got it yesterday and it is in perfect condition. It is numbered 4 of 50 and is a jersey of him.

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    is anybody interested in this? i am open for offers.

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    how much you looking to get for this card...please dont say make me an offer!!If you do that ill offer you $1 for the card

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    i apoligize andrade. i just joined so i apolgize. i really dont know how much this card books for which is why i said make an offer. how bout $15-$20. I just got the card two days ago and in fact came in a plasitc wrapping which it is still in. Let me know what you think. I can send you a picture if you would like to see. thanx again.

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    I absolutely love Oswalt, but I am short on cash.

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    do you have any money man? i am not looking to sell high or anything but i must say it is a nice card.

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    i have to bump this up to see if anyone wants this

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