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Thread: Buying Star & RC GU Cards

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    Buying Star & RC GU Cards

    I am looking to buy a few Star, Superstar, & Star RC Game Used cards. Looking for Star players like Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, Julius Peppers etc. Rookies of Bush, Lenart,& Young. Vets like Barry Sanders & Dan Marino. Not looking for anything real expensive.

    Normally pay around 25%bv maybe a bit more depending on player & card

    LMK what you have

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    i have these gu

    06 Devin Aromashuodu Press Pass SE BV$10
    06 Trent Green Gridiron Gear X's/100 BV$10
    05 Ciatrick Fason LR&S/750 BV$8
    06 Anwar Phillips Topps DPP Senior Standouts/50 BV$18
    00 Koy Detmer Revolution/726 BV$15
    05 Courtney Roby Bowmans Best/199 BV$12
    05 Maurice Clarrett Bowmans Best/799 BV$8
    06 Reggie Brown LR&S Standing Ovation 3 clr patch BV$20

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