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    Thumbs up I was bored so I got a retail blaster of Turkey Red

    I was bored and stopped by Target to grab some packs. There wasnt much football stuff, but there were a few boxes of Turkey blasters. Pretty good box...

    Reggie Bush
    Vince Young Purple sky
    Charlie Whitehurst
    Mario Williams Red
    AJ Hawk White

    Vince Young GU!! sweet!

    And I am apparently going back to Target w/ my girlfriend, so I might grab the other one they had as long as she pulls me along.

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    Hey, i could really use that AJ Hawk white. LMK what you're looking for. I have a buster box of Turkey Red too if you need me to find some Colts

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    so I did buy that 2nd box when I went back. no GU, but I got
    another Bush RC
    another VY RC
    Matt Leinart SP RC (stands in back)

    not too bad

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    Quote Originally Posted by sportsguyryan
    Check my site for the Young.
    didnt see anything, sorry

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