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    Anyone want this DiMaggio GU w/stripe?

    I have a 2001 UD Sweet Spot Joe DiMaggio Game Used Jersey with stripe BV $120 in mint condition. Sorry I do not have a scan but if anyone has the Summer 2003 Beckett Baseball Card Plus (Matsui on cover) it is almost exactly the same as the one they have pictured on page 193. I will listen to any offers cash or trade. I am interested in Cardinals parallels,vintage,inserts,game used and autos in that order but will consider any and all offers.

    Thank you

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    ill give you a

    1999 sp signature edition pat burrell auto bv 50
    2001 topps archives bob feller auto bv 40
    jim edmonds 2001 topps heritage chrome #ed bv 25
    1956 enos slaughter #109 bv 35
    1972 willie mays 342 bv 30

    total bv of these are 180 for the dimaggio.both vintage are in perfect condition.lmk.

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    take a look at my trade page. I am interested.

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    Andersonscards: Didn't see anything I would trade the DiMaggio for but I would trade for your Edmonds GU if you want to trade it.

    redsoxjcs85: Interesting offer......let me think on it

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    Just let me know asap Im leaving for Boston in a wekk.

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    I would give an Eddie Murry rookie BV. 80.00 and a Paul Molitor rookie BV. 80.00 for it...Both in MINT condition... 160.00... lmk

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    redsoxjcs85: I will let you before the weekend

    airkobe04: I would trade it straight up for this: 1997 Bowman Green Ink Derek Jeter auto BV 120 & I can use this: 2003 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Red Materials Jim Edmonds

    jeet_yanks_2: Good offer but no thank you

    zlw1: I can use this:
    2002 40 Man Lumber Wood Mark McGwire Bat Bv 40.00
    but not for the Joe D.

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