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Thread: Awesome Philip Hughes Find!!!!

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    Awesome Philip Hughes Find!!!!

    Hey i found this card in my prospects box and didnt even know what it is worth. Can someone tell me what it is worth

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Not bad, but not the best either. For some reason the Dual SP's dont sell as well as a single Hughes auto would. Last one of those went for $66
    have a look

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    Not a bad find.

    2004 SP Prospects Draft Duos Dual Autographs HP P.Hughes/J.Poterson NM-MT Own 1
    Total Item(s): 1
    Total Value :$40.00

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    hey nice find!

    i found a few ryan howard bwoman chrome rcs and Ud rookies a few months ago..sold them once i found out they were hitting $50!

    gota love the shoebox cards!


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    Sells for $20 more than BV right now. I'd say let it go on the eBay.
    the potterson auto will hold the card back.

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