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    ** Leaf Limited Lawrence Taylor auto patch /25 Prime FT

    Books $175, cant find one that ended of this version the one /98 last sold for $104, this is /25 so it would sell very well. Looking for nice autos in exchange

  2. Kronozio
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    people dont trade anymore bro........they just lurk around like vultures wanting to scavange your

    BTW that is a very sweet card even though I dont dig LT myself....

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    Im sure someone will bite on a HOFer patch auto............

    BTW i sent out today.......ill pm you DC#

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    No prob.....i just dont trust the post office and their lazy-arse workers......sent something out priority and it took them 6 days to deliver it, they dont guarantee their next-day.........and yet they have audacity to raise the price of stamps now to 42

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    hmm no one huh this is a pimpin throwback opatch from one of the best LB's ever and i cant even get a bite

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    It's a very nice card, Adam. Unfortunately, most traders are moron high school kids. You say LT auto patch, they say "I LOVE Tomlinson!"

    I'm sure you'll find a Giants or HOF fan that needs it. Does Gretzky need an LT auto for his HOF collection? Raym I would imagine would have interest too.

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