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    2 Emmitt Smith PSA 9 Score Supplemental

    Does anyone have any interest in buying two 1990 Emmitt Smith PSA 9 Score supplemntal Rookies? If so email Thanks

    Serial Numbers 06358414 & 06358417

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    welcome to the boards and I am glad you decided to take a look over here. the emmitt sound very tempting have you thought about a price?


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    I don't really know about a price, I need to look it up to be honest. I don't really collect graded cards. I will check it out.

    I also have a PSA 9 1990 Fleer Update Emmitt Smith and a Chad Hutchinson UD 2002 PSA 9 Making the Grade 566/700.

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    I will also consider trading these for etopps.

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    Not really into trading etopps for them but I could be looking to buy them. Drop me a price over PM (for one and for both) of the Supplemental.

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    yeah I looked them up but I hate mr. smith, but if I can sell his cards and make some money then I love him.

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    I'm intersted in one of your Emmits Lab. PM me a price if you could.

    Welcome to the forum! :D


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    Well, it looks like the value is $70-85 depending on where you look and where you sell them. Anyone who wants to make an offer on one or both, I will consider it.

    BGray, IggyWH & gioperation - YGM

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