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    Michael Jordan Hardcourt Jersey $160

    Just gauging the interest in an 05-06 UD Hardcourt Wood/Jersey of Michael Jordan. White jersey. Card is #ed/99 and books at $160. Let me know who is interested and I can look at some buckets.


    #1 Need- Steve Nash auto (UD or the like, no Classics)
    #2 Need- Amare SPx or other high dollar rookie auto

    Also- Bosh, LeBron, Chris Paul, Matt Leinart, Larry Fitzgerald, Steven Jackson, Frank Gore.... others.

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    check my bucket and et me know what u think.

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    Dang.... I could have put one of them with the Rodman and Boldin, but that was the key to the deal. I will let you know if I don't find more of what I am looking for from others.

    Brandon- nice stuff, but nothing that I can really use for this one.

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    hey check my site and see if you need anything. Thanks

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    Well, I like the Malone auto ($60), the Marion Auto ($15), the Caron auto ($40), Rip Hamilton TCC auto ($15) and the Antoine auto ($50). I know it's a lot of autos, but nothing matches up with the Jordan book wise. I would also be interested in trading for the Marion, and maybe the Rip, if you saw something lower you liked.


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    pls check my bucket.. lmk if you need anything

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