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Thread: WTB/TTF 06 Bowman

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    WTB/TTF 06 Bowman

    My buddy needs these 06 Bowman cards to complete his set. He'll listen to Paypal offers on allotments of cards, or he has a trade list that I'll leave at the bottom of this post. If you'd like a scan of something, let me know.

    Okay, his Bowman needs...
    3,6,10,14,24,37,49,105,120,157,163,164,176,178,184 ,201,205,215,216,217

    2,12,13,16,17,18,19,20,24,26,27,29,37,38,41,48,57, 58,61,62,71,73,74,77,78,86,88,94,95,96,97,99,100,1 01,103,109,110

    His tradelist...
    -1951 Topps Red Back #43 Maurice McDermott: this card is creased, but he figured he would offer it up anyway.
    -1964 #3 NL Pitching Leaders Koufax/Marichal/Spahn/Maloney: off-centered and rough corners as well as some fading.
    -1969 Topps #152 Tommie Sisk: off-centered and rough corners.
    -1974 Topps #250 Willie McCovey: bottom right corner is rough.
    -1975 Topps #2 '74 Highlights Lou Brock: top right corner is dinged.
    -1995 Gold Leaf Rookie #9 Charles Johnson: perfect condition, but does this guy even play anymore?
    -2006 Bowman Blue #54 Jose Vidro: perfect.
    -2006 Bowman Gold #171 Mark Loretta: perfect.
    -2006 Bowman Gold #175 Mark Teixeira: perfect.
    -2006 Bowman Gold #183 Mark Mulder: perfect.
    -2006 Bowman Gold #B106 Carlos Guevara: perfect.
    -2005 Topps 10,13,27,41,47,53,66,83,86,93101,117,167,170,181,1 82,198,205,215,216,220,245,263,270,276,279,290,325 ,332,367
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    I've got B61 & B77 on his needs list. I'll take 1.50 paypal and ship them out tomorrow.

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    i have a few on my rc page
    i need pujols rcs ,braves autos,and some prospects ,autos of , machado, ,arenado
    longo. ,trout,,kris Bryant ,corey seager,, trea turner, correa, judge, Ronald acuna,maitan
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    Hey Andrew!!!! Add these to Our Other Trade..

    #BC14 & BC21



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