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    walter payton autographs for sale

    asking prices listed... no trades on them

  2. Kronozio
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    all pm's replied.. ovation walter has been sold

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    wow! you got $465 for that ovation /300? I paid $450 for my ovation /150!

    Nice sale!

    If you can come down to like the $950 range that the auto/jersey fetches on ebay I'd buy it :)

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    the 300 and 150 sell very similar price (actually had to turn away 2 others just after sale who wanted it).. most of the auto/jerseys sell 1150-1300.. the last one sold low because of sellers feedback.. i sold my other 2 for 1200 and 1250 on ebay

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    Man oh man where were you when i got my Tax Returns a couple weeks id love to buy that GridIron Kings one.........

    Unfortuantely all is spent between car, vacation, and a PC

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    In garys defense I remember seeing the Auto Jersey sell for well over $1000 twice a few months ago.

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    couple from the past 2 months.. only 2 I have seen sell for under $1150 are those with 0 feedback and one with 1000+ feedback but 27 negatives in the last month from ripping people off

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    wow sweet paytons, wish I had the money, but I too have seen the auto-jersey sell for $1200 about 4 months back

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    I was basing it off the most recent one...doesn't look like bad feedback to me. Either way, it doesn't matter. I know the card sold from 1k to 1300 months back, but they've cooled down.

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    hmm.. maybe you didnt check the links or the feedback of that seller you listed.. $1160 2 1/2 weeks ago and $1260 month and a half ago (these dont pop up all the time).. the seller you gave has 25% negatives the last month.. 115 or so + and 27 or so -.... with buyers saying he is sending bogus DC numbers.. i think someone paying more then $20 .. let alone $1000+ on a card would have some second thoughts on bidding on that item

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