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    Bought Bowman Draft Picks, Prospects packs.

    Haven't had much luck with this personally, but I just felt like buying a couple more.... lucky I did.

    Pulled both of these from 1 pack!

    Jason Place BLUE REF /199 ... goes around $40-50 on eBay!

    Daryl Jones SOTF
    don't know much about him really...

    Finally some luck with this product!
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  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    Ya it is.

    Looking for Dodgers prospects mainly.

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    Have these Dodgers. 2006 Tristar Clayton Kershaw #27x3,Protential Kershaw #P-19 and few Nomar refractors and a Nomar GU jsy. with Red Sox. If interested PLMK. Thanks....Dan

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    hey nice pulls!

    i like the Place alot!

    check my bucket for it


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    By the way you got Daryl Jones not Ward
    If you like original art I like to draw a little. I do commission work. Here's my art page:
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    htwheelz01: thanks!!!

    whityscards: I like the Bowman Chrome Kershaw. lmk.

    thanks izzy :)

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