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    Looking to Trade tonight...TONS of cards

    Hey all Take a look at my photobucket and let me know what your interested in.
    My main interests are Kellen Clemens and Cadillac Williams(RCs Only) that i dont currently have...but will trade for whatever catches my eye

  2. Kronozio
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    Demetrius Williams Absolute,GG Auto's
    Brandon Marshall Finest Auto
    Check my site and PLMK

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    I like your reggie brown leaf limited. I have some Kellen Clemens that is not on my tradelist. lmk what you are looking for

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    Steelers - Some cool stuff but nothing i could move the Demetrius' for right now, and the Marshall is only 12 and didnt see anything around that value that i could use for it.

    SK - I like these:
    Manning, Peyton 03 Finite auto 1141/1250
    Favre, Brett 94 Proline auto
    Carter, Vince 04 Fleer Sweet Sigs auto 61/150
    Kidd, Jason 04 Sweet Spot auto
    Rodman, Dennis 04 Sweet Spot auto(#1 want)
    Colston, Marques 06 Leaf Certified auto 81/150
    Gore, Frank 05 Foundations auto 14/699
    Namath, Joe 02 Prime SIgs auto 156/216

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    thenext54 - Looking for Kellen Clemens that arent currently in my Photobucket...let me know what u have

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    whats the bv on the tiki auto and manning? thanks

    and the whitehurst hp auto, and hershel walker classics auto>

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    I like the marshall finest, mario williams sterling auto, bo/cambpell depending on how much it is, but definitley the first 2. I'm new and don't have a bucket yet but check my list and lmk there all in good shape but if you want specifics just let me know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sch1tz0fr3nik
    thenext54 - Looking for Kellen Clemens that arent currently in my Photobucket...let me know what u have
    thats a lot of Kellen Clemens!! I have his Turkey Red White. what is the bv on the Brown??

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    SK - Tiki is 50, sells for 30-36, Manning i have no clue on BV, Whitehurst 20 and Walker 30

    Chibears - I like the LJ auto, the BV's of what u liked are:
    Marshal - 12
    Williams Sterling - 20
    Bo/earl /25 - 60

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