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    FT/FS: 05 Sweet Spot Dual Auto /10

    2005 Sweet Spot Dual Panel Sigs Kyle Orton / Mark Bradley 3/10

    Scan of the card is in my bucket under "NFT"

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    I have a lot of Jets autos/Jerseys/Patches for sale to boost up your trade bait
    Jonathan Vilma super collector in training!
    I also collect Drew Brees, Sean Taylor, Houston Astros, Michigan Wolverine alum and Miami Hurricanes alum.
    I ONLY ship with bubble mailers and expect the same from you. Doesn't matter if its base or high end. USPS is too unreliable to ship in PWE. #CardLivesMatter

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    I can trade you this:
    05 Sweet Spot Panel Dual Signatures Nate Burleson/Troy Williamson, would like the Orton one for a friend

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    Lebron: not looking to buy yet but might in a few days

    Slaven: Im looking for the biggest auto / game used lot I can get for it.

    sch1tz0fr3nik Thanks but I have no interest in that card. I'm looking to move the Orton/Bradley out of my Pc for paypal or a big auto/game used lot

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    what bv are you putting on it? check my tradelist(not my bucket)

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    didnt see much that i could use. I'm looking about $150 Bv since that seems to be what i'm being offered elsewhere.

    the stuff i did like was PC

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    still up on the chopping block. Will sell for the best offer I get

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