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    HIGH END Vintage Baseball (Mantle, Mays, Williams, etc.) for football...

    Just picked these up today. All of these are 100% Authentic. All are for trade or sell. I am looking for High End HOFer Autos, High End rc autos or High End rcs in return (Baseball, Football, and Basketball). Post here or PM me and I will answer you ASAP. I am not sure on the CV on these cards, but I feel if the '56 Williams and the '65 Mantle have potential to be VERY VERY BIG if graded...

    1956 Topps TED WILLIAMS (# 5) - This card is SHARP all corners are sharp, color is nice, no creases, will probably grade a 7 or 8 (centering is the only thing keeping this card from being a VERY VERY high grade):

    1965 Topps MICKEY MANTLE (# 350) - Probably one of the SHARPEST and CLEANEST '65 Mantles I have ever seen. Looks to be and EASY PSA 7, but I am leaning more towards and 8 on this one. SHARP with no chipping on the back. Should grade VERY high:

    1955 Topps SANDY KOUFAX (# 123) ROOKIE - Nice looking card, but does have some soft corners with some rounding:

    1953 Topps WILLIE MAYS (#244) - Nice card, but does have some creases and a bad corner. Still a tough find from '53:

    1950 Bowman TED WILLIAMS (# 98) - Nice card, but surface is bad, has some creases, but still a tough find:

    1934-36 Diamond Stars JIMMIE FOXX (# 64) - Very nice card and very clean. Has one corner that looks to have been cut bad; otherwise, a very high grade:

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    atrain2004 - Not sure, bv is $1500, but the condition on this one will not bring anywhere close to that...offer??

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    would you be interested in a vince young sweet spot auto rc /199

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    atrain2004 - Feel free to make an offer on it.

    emmittfan1975 - I could use the Vince Young Sweet Spot auto. What card are you interested in getting?


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    chipper10andruw25 -Not sure on BV, but it will bring a premium due to the condition. Feel free to make an offer...I am looking for high end autos and rc autos in return.

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    The 56 Teddy, just curious if you know BV, or I should say what BV are you looking to get? Do you collect any specific players??

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    Insane Irish - Not really sure what I am looking to get on the Williams, and I do not have a price guide near me. Of course, the condition of this card will make the price/value of the card a lot higher. Feel free to make an offer, but I feel the card will grade a 7 or 8. Thank you.

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