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    sweet mail week, i got a ton to trade. tell me who you collect.

    please lmk who you collect. i would love to make some trades. thanks

  2. Kronozio
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    get any biggio? Autos or GU? (Edit- oops....guess I should pay attention to which thread this is in...sorry)
    I collect Craig Biggio, Current Astros and A's Prospect Cliff Pennington
    Biggio Collection - 1,065/3290 (32%)
    Cliff Pennington - 10/58
    Hunter Pence
    My Photobucket - Hidden Content

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    Hey man, can you update your bucket? I ussually will trade just because I want some new stuff, but you haven't updated your bucket in the past few threads you've made like this. If you could do that, it would be easier to make a deal.

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    oh yeah, i know. but for some reason it takes for ever to load on to the bucket and a lot of the times it does not even put the pics on there. i have been able to fiddle with it lately. sorry.

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    not yeat. altho i am interested if you still have that hawk. i pm'd you about it but you never sent one back. lmk

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