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    Exclamation Who Will Start?Kevin Jones or Tatum Bell?

    I know both running backs are talented, but I think Kevin Jones will start and Tatum Bell may get the ball a couple times every game.

    Or wishbone(split backs) would be nice.

    And what will happen to Jamal Lewis?Still good?

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    I think if Tatum bell gets over his fumbleitis he will easily start.

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    I think Jones will start if he returns back healthy. But, he's injury prone so I don't see it lasting long.

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    Well I hope Jones gets the start because I have an incoming 2004 SP Authentic Kevin Jones 5 Color Patch #/299, which by the way, went down to $200 from $300.

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    Kevin Jones is going to be out for almost half of the season already. It was on a few weeks ago. Thats why Detroit traded for a RB.

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    coolguy- Denver will probably draft a RB.

    Vick- Well I hope he can come back ASAP like he says he will.

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    Id say Tatum will be the man untill Jones is healthy and then let the split carries begin..

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    Yeah I agree Denver will probably go after a RB in the second or third round. But does it matter? They will trade him in about three years for another DB...

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