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    Griffey Auto FT and Tons of Baseball/Football Auto's

    looking for Reflections Patches /99 Dual Auto patches /25 or NFL School Colors (Bush, Holmes) Auto's.

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    see anything in the bucket, pc, or incoming for these:

    Sweet Spot Patch Gourriel
    Baskett auto rc 1/1
    Basket threads auto rc
    Bunkley rc /25


    EDITED- I completly missed the Baseball!!

    like these also!

    Griffey Old Judge auto
    Griffey Origins auto
    Maloney sterling refrator
    Huberto Sanchez sterling auto
    Howard A&G bat

    lmk what we can do!

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    I like your Vernon Davis absolute, Alex Smith redemption and Michael Robinson letterman. Do you like footbal only? plmk

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    do you like anything of mine for these:
    Johan Santana Patch
    Ryan Howard bat
    plmk, thanks

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    Hey, check my bucket and see if there is anyhting you like. I am interested in the any of these cards:

    - Wright / Youklis Reflections Auto
    - Reggie Bush Absolute Memorabilia RPM Gu
    - Absolute Memorabilia marks of fame Demetrius Williams patch
    - donruss thread rookie collection triple gu holmes/williams/marshall
    - topps finest liriano auto

    lmk, thanks.


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    Sry so far haven't seen any of the items I am looking for...

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    Interestd in:

    Terrence Murphy Patch/Auto
    Jennings Leaf Limited Auto
    Gado GU/Auto
    Griffey Origins Autos
    Jay Bruce Sterling Auto/Gu

    Check this link. LMK if I can get ANY of these

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