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    Anyone have 06 Hot Prospects autos for trade or sale?

    Looking for 2006 Hot Prospects auto/materials. Either come with jersey or fb I believe. Let me know if you have any and a price or take a look at my list for a trade. Thanks

  2. Kronozio
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    I'm doing the Auto/Jsy set as well. I do have a Mike Bell HP RC Auto if you need that....

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    I like these:

    Jacobs, Brandon 05 Reflections auto
    Jacobs, Brandon 05 Bowman auto (is this Sings of the Future?)
    Johnson, Chad 04 SPx auto

    The Bell is not Jsy/Auto just so you know..

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    Hey man you need the Derek Hagan auto/FB /99?
    I could do $9 shipped on it.

    Also would be interested in any of these:
    Podsednik, Scott 04 Skybox auto 55/210
    Podsednik, Scott 04 Absolute 70/100
    Podsednik, Scott 04 Skybox LE auto 83/199
    Podsednik, Scott 04 Fleer classic Clippings auto 36/99

    Young, Vince 06 UD Debut jersey
    Young, Vince 06 Topps Heritage jersey

    Bush, Reggie 06 UD jersey
    Bush, Reggie 06 Topps Turkey Red jersey
    Bush, Reggie 06 Threads bush/Leinart/White triple 242/500

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    nick pm sent. Detroit, ok, I need the materials/autos fb or jersey thanks though

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    I have Joe Klopfstein - I have no idea what it books but i will trade it for a HOF auto of equal Value


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    joe k for a HOF auto. Hmm. Well I actually might have a few cheap HOF autos but I would need to know the bv of the joe. Also is it the auto/jersey or auto/ball. Thank you

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    Ok the Joe Klopfenstein is HP Auto Rookie Materials #208 and Serial Numbered 725/999

    It has his auto and 4 Blue jersey swatches (3 with holes and 1 solid swatch)

    I checked and the Klop books $12.00

    lmk what low end HOF autos you have and if they book more i can throw in something to make it right :)


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