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    mid-high end basketball for sale (prices posted)

    prices posted above card.. paypal or us postal money orders

  2. Kronozio
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    Is that the cheapest you will go on those Payton's???

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    zach.. looking to move my basketball as I dont collect it much anymore.. I didnt see anything high end that interested me in your baseball and football sections.. thanks

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    i need the ultimate garnett au but cant buy...i only have $20

    i have these nice baseball:
    -cal ripken jr jsy/250 (bv 50)
    -griffey jr/bonds/ramirez/walker (bv 50?!)
    -carlton fisk auto 1/5 (no bv)

    the first two are htg, but the fisk wont be too htg from me

    plmk what we could do for the garnett!

    **i see you have other garnett autos, but i cant really see them in your pics...i want the ultimate one most anyways but i may want one of those too.
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