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    Kobe g.u bv120..minor chipping ..want to trade DOWN

    Kobe Bryant
    ud mvp souvenirs gold g.u ball #ed16/50 bv120
    trading at a bv of 100 or possibly a little lower..

    Really looking for some nice new traid bait so using this for a nice lot of low end and autos but wanting near bv if im trading down more than 6 cards

    or will trade for 1-3 cards at a bv as low as 80 if i see something i really need..

    Will post a scan here in a minute

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    is the chipping on the front or back? I honestly can't see any chipping at all from the scan of the front.

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    jamming-itson the front on the right side of the ball patch.. its very hard to notice because it just looks like its supposed to be that way.. i didnt notice it until about a month after i did the trade

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    Would be interested. Check my bucket. Thanks.

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    gro--heres a list of what im interested in..i went n found some bvs but saw too much i liked to go look for them all so please make me an offer:

    Billups auto bv25
    Lebron g.u bv40
    Jim Brown g.u bv20
    Montana g.u
    marino/montana dual g.u
    bush g.u
    Foye picture perfect auto bv30
    marvin williams auto bv30

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    says would do 3 cards for $ bout the Williams-30, Foye -30 and the Brown for $20....let me know...Thanks.

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    can i have bv of the other cards please...ill cut you a good deal

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