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    Looking ahead Cardboard News Volume 2 Issue 3

    Good afternoon,

    Now that Cardboard News Volume 2 Issue 2 is behind us, I'm starting on Cardboard News Volume 2 Issue 3. If anybody has any ideas or comments, I'd love to hear. Some of you had given good ideas but I'd like to hear more if you'd care to tell, you can never have enough. The other day I was on AIM and talking to Danny he thought an off shoot of the Player Collector Spotlight would be good, something like an Auto/GU'd Set Collector. What do you all think of that? If anybody want to write an article I'd love to hear from you as well you can email me at If anybody wants to be included in Cardboard News as a Player Collector Spotlight you can email me at If anybody just wants to talk my AIM is cardboardnews. Thanks everyone. Enjoy.

    Best regards and happy collecting,


  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Brief histories of various card companies might be fun, especially the more obscure or smaller companies like TCMA, Best, Parkhurst, Just, Pacific, Ted Williams, etc.

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    Maybe something on the difference between lowend & high end cards. I'm still not sure. Contacts for the card companies maybe. I'm trying to find out if any of them still do NFLE cards.

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    Good Morning,

    Things are moving along. I'm still looking for a feature article if anybody is interested. Also is anybody interested in being featured as a player collector spotlight? If anybody is interested please email me at Thanks in advance.


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