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    Pictures of my Memorabilia Auto'd Collection

    Im bored so Im posting pics of my Autographed Memorabilia collection. All of this was hand signed by the players except for Troy Smith all though it was signed for me. Thanks for looking

    Bama Ball signed by Ken Stabler, Jimmy Johns, JP Wilson, Juwan Simpson, Freddie Roach, and JP's brother from 2 a Days on MTV. I got it signed at the Mississipi Game

    Ted Ginn signed Claurett jersey. I got it signed at Cinncinatti Game

    Falcons hat signed at preseason by Jimmy Williams, Justin Griffith, Adam Jennings, and Roddy White

    Framed SI signed by Troy Smith. I just got this back from the shop today and Im very pleased with the way it turned out. My mom played OSU tennis so the coach got some of his girls to get it signed for me. Was suppost to be an X-Mas gift but it came about a month late.

    Thanks for looking and also how do you post images? It never works for me in these forums?

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