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Thread: Anyone need any of these?

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    Anyone need any of these?

    I have the following for trade/sale:
    1997 Topps Bill Mueller RC x2
    2000 Topps Traded Carlos Zambrano RC
    2000 Topps Traded Alex Cintron RC
    2000 Topps Traded Luis Matos RC
    2000 Topps Traded Mike Young RC
    2002 Topps Total Josh Barfield RC
    2002 Topps Rich Harden RC

    PLMK if you need any of these. I am not asking for a whole lot for these.

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    im serious i only have .50 to my name...what else do you have.......let me think about .10 is a lot....does this ring a bell...just trying to put you in my shoes every time you talkj with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    shut up. Anyone ACTUALLY need any of these?


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