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    GAME USED cards for sale or trade

    I will also trade for Pujols gued cards, Pujols rc's at 125% BV in your favor and any 2006-2007 rookie autos (no pitchers, please) at BV for BV.
    Prices listed are delivered. Paypal US confirmed, cash at buyers' risk and postal money orders accepted.

    * pending sale/trade

    I WILL ALSO GIVE THE FIRST 3 PEOPLE THAT BUY (post here or through PM), A BUY 3 GET 1 FREE DEAL. (lowest price prevails on the free card)

    2006 Playoff Prestige League Leaders Jerseys SHAUN ALEXANDER/STEPHEN DAVIS Dual jersey card, #erd/250, #LL-19, (6.00),
    2006 Leaf Certified Materials JASON AVANT Jersey card, #erd/1400, #216, (3.50),
    2005 Donruss Gridiron Gear Jerseys ANQUAN BOLDIN Jersey card, #erd/150, #6, (4.00),
    2004 Playoff Prestige Game Day Jerseys MICHAEL BENNETT Jersey card, #GJ-20, (3.50),
    2006 Ultra Achievements Jerseys DAUNTE CULPEPPER Jersey card, #UA-DC, (4.00),
    2001 SP Game Used Edition Authentic Fabric CURTIS CONWAY Jersey card, #CO, (3.50),
    2000 Topps Pro Bowl Jerseys KEVIN HARDY Jersey card, #KH-OLB, (5.00),
    2006 Topps All-Pro Relics EDGERRIN JAMES B Jersey card, #AP-EJ, (5.00),
    2003 Topps Pristine Rookie Premiere ANDRE JOHNSON E Jersey card, #RJR-AJ, (5.50),
    2006 Donruss Gridiron Gear ANDRE JOHNSON Jersey card, #42, (4.00),
    2003 Upper Deck Finite Jerseys BRYANT JOHNSON Jersey card, #FJ-JB, (3.00),
    2000 Fleer Tradition Glossy Traditional Threads STEVE McNAIR Jersey card, #erd/200, #23, (7.50),
    2001 SP Game Used Edition Authentic Fabric ERIC MOULDS Jersey card, #EM, (5.00),
    2001 Topps Debut TOMMY POLLEY Jersey card, #erd/999, 121, (5.00),
    2001 Upper Deck Ovation Training Gear FRANK SANDERS Jersey card, #T-FS, (4.50),
    2006 Leaf Certified Materials MAURICE STOVALL Jersey card, #erd/1400, #226, (3.50),
    2006 Leaf Rookies and Stars Crosstraining Materials Prime MAURICE STOVALL Jersey card, #erd/25, # CT-22, (7.50),
    2000 Finest Moments Pro Bowl Jerseys TOM TUPA Jersey card, #TT-P, (5.00),
    2006 Playoff Prestige Stars of the NFL Jerseys MICHAEL VICK Jersey card, #NFL-2, (5.00),
    2001 Private Stock Game Worn Gear DEDRICK WARD Jersey card, #88, (3.00)

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