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    A ton of nice stuff FT! Scan Heavy.

    Looking for Vince Young, Tom Brady, Mannings, Barry Sanders or anything else that catches my eye. LMK what you'll like I can check tradepages.


    Vernon Davis #/10

    Reggie White #/21

    Boller #/399

    Michael Clayton #/100

    Michael Huff #/25

    LenDale White Auto

    Brian Calhoun #/10 Auto Jsy

    Amare Stoudamire Auto

    Brian Calhoun #/25

    Marques Colston Auto

    Mike Williams Brian Calhoun Dual #/5

    Roy Williams - Mike Williams 1/10

    Kevin Jones #/199

    Nolan Ryan #/66

    Ryan Howard Redemption

    Dan Haren Complete Letter Auto Patch set

    Bears Triple Auto #/75

    Dan Marino Auto Jsy #/13

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    have a Vince Young 06 Triple Threads # ed/36 incoming plsu a few high end Brady stuff. Also check my trade list (in sig). I have an interest in the Leaf Limited Marino

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    Any interest in this? I'm looking to sell it, but I also like your Bo Jackson SOTT auto.... plmk thanks:

    plmk thanks a lot!


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    I kinda like the Bears triple auto check my list

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    jbnails - Didn't see anything I could use.

    skinsfan0521 - I like the Peyton, but not for the Bo.

    azlatin - Only thing I saw really was the Leinart Gridiron.

    ru72 - I like the Finite Rivers Auto. Is there anything I could throw on with the White for it? Or something for the Rivers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by azlatin5
    What is the bv on the triple????
    It has a $200 bv.

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    check my trade list in my sig for the Bears triple

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