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    All my football cards for sale (let me know who your interested in)!!!

    I am selling not trading all my cards away. Name some players and I will see if I can sell them to you. Let me know.

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    not many. i think i have one or two maybe nothing spectacular. you guys can still post in this thread but i wont be back till morning.

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    I will trade for them if they are nothing spectacular. Would you trade them?

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    any cowboys (carter, bryant, williams etc...) kingsbury, newman, chris simms, peter warrick, chad johnson

    looking for gu/auto/rc only, no commons or regular inserts please

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    i have some cowboys cards hotsauce. i have a serial numbered antonio bryant and some sage of roy williams. let me know how much you think is fair. the bryant is a fleer maximum 2002 numbered to 3500.

    DTrain- It isnt worth it for me to sell them so what kind of cards do you have. I am looking for some New York Giants rookies (shockey and some others) let me know.

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    Off the top of my head, I know I have a 2002 Bowman Tim Carter RC. I know I have a shockey card, but it is not his RC.

    I will get back to you later when I go through them.

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    I am looking for good Moss, Culpepper, Onterrio Smith and Burleson, maybe Kevin Williams too.

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    i have some rookies of dshaun foster and some mcnabb rokies also. i will get back to you on how much for them. it wont be that much because the rookies were not numbered or anything.

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