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Thread: nomar and a bonds gu for trade

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    nomar and a bonds gu for trade

    hey everyone i just pulled a:

    03 playoff piece of the game nomar garciappara jsy bv ??

    i also have an

    02 fleer hot prospects barry bonds gu jsy $25

    lmk if your interested. they are both very nice cards. i would like something nice of mark prior, kerry wood, pedro martinez or barry zito. lmk, thanks

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    bonds_23: sorry but i couldnt find anything i could use on your site, do you have anything else not listed?

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    Got a 1996 Topps Finest Refractors Mickey Mantle Collection reprint from 1963 BV $25.

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    thanks but i only looking for cards of the players i listed to add to my collection. im going to have to pass on the mantle but thanks for the post

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    would you trade the bonds for a 01 fleer platinum mark prior rookie bv 15 and a 01 fleer autographics jay payton bv 10

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    bosox: im sorry but i would like a gu or auto for the bonds

    brandon: im not really sure. i would trade it for a nice gu of the players i listed .

    hairston: i will get back to you a little later

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    give ya a mike sweeney auto/100 if u give me nomar GU and a lil sumthin else

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