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Thread: good deal for Sonics or Bucks?

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    Question good deal for Sonics or Bucks?

    Who got the better deal for Allen to the Sonics or Payton to the Bucks?

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    I htink the Sonics got the better deal because payton is too old

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    we will have to wait and see if payton resigns and what the bucks can get for cassell in a trade

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    I'd say Sonics got the best deal, GP is still great but old while Allen is still young, great, and has yet to hit his prime age.

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    BUCKS...if if if gary stays....if he dont stay after this yr then sonics...

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    I think the Sonics got the better deal. With Allen on their team they are making a run at the post season.

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    bucs definately...payton is one of the best all time and can provide both assists and pts and desmond mason is a nice little bonus also

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    i think sonics... payton is still good and with allen on their team they re pretty good ...playoffs?

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    yo puke

    i think the bucks got the better deal...people say paytons old but so is ray... also the bucks got mason who is a young play maker who sells tickets with his dunks

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    i agree the sonics got the better deal... allen has helped them win there last 6-7... meanwile payton is getting old and they only have won i think 2 with this trade...

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