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    here they are...they are all up for trade or sale...also chack my site to see if there is anything else u really like

    make an offer on any of them...i want autos for autos, or will sell, or will trade gu for other gu, autos, or patches

    2002 A. Manning Spx Supreme Signatures
    2002 Scobey Sp Authentic Signed Rookie Authentics

    2001 Rice UD Game Gear Jersey
    2002 Rice Fleer Platinum Portrait Jersey
    2002 Brees/Tomlinson Mvp Dual Jersey
    2002 Tomlinson SPx Winning Materials Jersey
    2002 Owens Fleer Box Score Yard-Markers Jersey
    2002 Urlacher Fleer Premium Prem Team Jersey
    2002 Warner Flair Sweet Swatch Jersey

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    2002 Tomlinson SPx Winning Materials Jersey
    would you take $5 paypal for it?

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    no thanx, it books 25, and i dont have paypal, im gonna pass

    thanx for the offer

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