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    GU Dual Patch for trade Robinson/Robinson $80

    Hello, I have a dual GU patch card from 03 Fall Classics #d 25/50. Brooks Robinson/Frank Robinson. BV $80. I would like to trade for an auto in the $55-$60 range. Thanks, "Nail"

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    i have 2003 topps t-205 pat burrell auto ill trade for it bv$50

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    DONALD EELLS---Thanks for the offer, but I really want retired and HOF auto's---"Nail"

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    I am a big fan of this card how about this

    Dick Groat 2001 Topps Heritage bv 40
    Michael Barret 2000 Just Parralel die cut auto #ed 157/200 bv 15

    Let me know if this will work.Hope it will thats one fine card.lmk thanks.

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    redsoxjcs85---I'd rather trade for 1 auto in the $55-$60 range.
    I agree, it is a fine card, I just collect auto's tho---(with 1 exception, I have a Babe Ruth bat card incoming, it will grace my collection, ;)----"Nail"

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    are you sure man i would really like the card.

    just picked up a dimaggio jsy card as well.

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    What do you have in mind with the DiMaggio card?---Send me an offer---"Nail"

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    thats not for trade man.i just really want this card above because i have met brooks many a times and is one swell guy.lmk if you can do the deal.thanks again.

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    i have a $40 auto of gene hermanski i could give you.....i can add in a $25 GU for it

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