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Thread: Superstars for trade/sale

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    Superstars for trade/sale

    I have way too many base cards/inserts of these future hall of famers, lmk if anyone on this list catches ure eye. i'm looking for ripken cards in return or i will sell real cheap.


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    hedcheeze - do you ever plan on sending out my cards from a trade over a month ago? you said you mailed some of them a week and a half ago but you lied and now you wont even respond to my PM's, whats the deal?

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    ok dude no way its been a month, and trust me i have way better things to do than rip people off on a baseball card trading board. i apologize for it being as long as it has but things are real ™™™™ty for me right now, if u read my ratings other people said the same thing "a little slow on the delivery", but it got there and i made up for that with nice conditioned cards and a few bonus cards. I am unemployed right now and on disability and i have about 15 packages that have to be sent out, basically i have to rely on other peoples purchases off me to use that $$ to send out other packages. not an excuse, thats just how i have to do it right now. but like i said don't worry u will get ure cards...i do this for fun and i wouldn't want to ruin it by not sending someone their cards.

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    september 15th is when we agreed, its october 13th.

    and also shouldnt you be sending out the cards to trades you already agreed to then doing what your doing by agreeing to more trades?

    whatever tho im not going to agrue
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    Update the trade to reflect the circumstances, and P.M a mod to get this taken care of thanks
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