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    Busted 9 packs of 03-04 assorted basketball and pulled so good stuff...

    3 2003-04 E-X
    3 2003-04 Topps
    3 2003-04 Fleer Ultra

    I pulled:

    2003-04 Mikael Pietrus E-X Rookie
    2003-04 Allen Iverson Net Assets Jersey
    2003-04 Shaquille O'Neal Net Assets (no jersey)
    2003-04 Carmello Anthony Topps Rookie
    2003-04 Dirk Nowitzki Love its Life
    2003-04 Peja Stojackovic Highlight Reel
    2003-04 Amare Stoudemire Fleer Ultra Roundball Jersey

    If you interested in them let me know cause I am selling them off.

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    it is for for trade but i can only really do cash man sorry. i need the money reallly badly but i will check your site to see if something catches my eye. let me know how much (if possible) you could offer for it.

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    2003-04 Amare Stoudemire Fleer Ultra Roundball Jersey

    Ill probably buy. How much? LMK PM me
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    it books low at 6 dollars and high 15 so how about 10 dollars. thats half way i think so let me know what you think.

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    i want the topps carmelo rc and pietrus e-x rc. look on my site to see if you want anything. thanks.

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    i was not really interested in your stuff but i would be willing to sell them to you if at all possible. let me know if you can do this. judging by your site i also have some other cards you might be interested in.

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