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    Looking for Rookie cards of these players!!!!!!

    I am looking for rookie cards of the Following players. Most have rcs out of bowman chrome. lmk thank you

    Jeremy Reed
    Bj Upton
    Jeremy Hermida
    Dallas McPherson
    Casey Kotchman
    Josh Barfield
    Jake Blalock
    Nick Swisher
    Joe Blanton
    Justin Jones
    Victo Diaz
    Kerry Wood
    Alex Rodriguez

    I have a ton of nice rcs to trade. lmk what you are looking for. Thank you

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    I have Kotchamn's and Barfield Topps Total RC's. PLMK if you need them.


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    Kirby, Thank you for the reply, but I am looking for higher end rcs. like bowman chrome. thank you though, nathan

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    also looking for a 2001 Fleer Platinum Jason Phillips rc. lmk thanks

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