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Thread: Who wants to trade?

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    Who wants to trade?

    Check my site and let me know if you want to make a trade or if you want to buy something. I have not made a trade in a while so PLMK if anything interests you:

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    I like the Sheffield auto> Check out my site. I know I have some Braves stuff on there.

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    i like this card...check my site and lmk if you see anything
    2002 Absolute Playoff Signature Marcus Giles Auto BV $15

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    what $$$ would you take for the perry,gibson,kiner autos plmk what you want

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    Vikingsilver....Didn't see anything...But I am interested in your Andy Pratt Auto...Just not for the Sheff :)

    TheBurn....Didn't see anything.

    Donald EELS.....I'm just looking to trade those cards you listed..Preferably for other HOF'mers.

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    make me an offer in autos or decent RC's from the past couple years.

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    How about a 1990 Bowman Sammy Sosa RC BV $15?


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