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    11 packs of 2003 Bowman's Best break. Try to beat this MAJOR MOJO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am only listing the GU and auto cards because all the others are base cards.
    I have to sey tho, these are some of the nicest cards I have ever seen. With a GU or auto in every pack it is worth the $15/pack I paid IMHO. I think you will agree after you see what I pulled!

    Some card of of these 2 guys named Willis McGahee and Larry Johnson that is a dual auto(red auto)/dual patch card # 11/25. WOW!!!!!! It is called ultimate coverage

    A blue Rc jersey of Willis McGahee #499/499

    In one pack I got a red auto RC of J.T. Wall of the Steelers #3/50
    and a Lee Suggs Red RC #31/50 WOW!!!

    Reg GU jersey card of Anquan Boldin

    Blue RC jersey of Chris Brown of the Titans #230/499

    Blue RC Auto of Kevin Williams of the Vikings #467/499

    Reg RC jersey card of Bethel Johnson of the Pats

    Reg RC auto of Brandon Drumm of the Lions

    and a red RC auto of Doug Gabriel of the Raiders (not for trade or sale)

    If I had to make a reference on a box of cards to buy, Bowman's Best DEFINATELY has my vote!!

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    With those odds i say go back now and buy the rest of that box out

    I am drop dead serious that soundsli ke a hot box

    I dont think i can beat that but my record for best card i think topps your mcgahee/johnson auto with my aikman/smith dual jersey dual auto but i didnt follow up with those sweet card afterwards

    great pulls man


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    The best ones came from the 1st box tho, the 2nd box didn't have much in the packes from those.

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    I'd like to trade for this one:
    Blue RC jersey of Chris Brown of the Titans #230/499

    Please take a look at my homepage and LMK.


    I collect football cards of former University of Colorado players.

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    I have to agree that the Bowmans Best is a great bet. I bought one pack today at a card show and pulled a Leftwich/Palmer dual autograph 42/50! It was well worth the $15.

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    Great pulls, would this be for trade:A blue Rc jersey of Willis McGahee #499/499. If so please PM me. THanks

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