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    Talking HOT GIRLS! Gator's updated tradelist! no girls to look at here, but here's some new stuff I just got along with my trading page below:

    -2002-2003 Hoops Hot Prospects Amare Stoudemire/Drew Gooden Class of 02 Dual Jerseys (purple/black) seq. #ed 371/375 BV $50.00
    -2002-2003 Upper Deck SP Authentic Dajuan Wagner/Carlos Boozer SP Dual Signatures Autographs BV $50.00

    -2003 Donruss Classics Jeff Garcia Dress Code Jersey (red) seq. #ed 467/550 BV $12.00
    -2003 Playoff Prestige Marcel Shipp Game Day Jerseys (red) BV $8.00
    -2003 Playoff Prestige Freddie Mitchell Game Day Jerseys (white) BV $8.00
    -2003 Playoff Prestige Shaun King Game Day Jerseys (red) BV $8.00
    -2003 Upper Deck Honor Roll Kendrell Bell Dean’s List Jersey (black) BV $?
    -2002 Upper Deck Honor Roll Vinny Testaverde Clutch Performers Jersey (white) BV $10.00

    -2001 Playoff Contenders Rudi Johnson/Correll Buckhalter Round Numbers Gold Dual Autographs seq. #ed 23/40 BV $60.00
    -2003 Topps Laveranues Coles Autograph BV $15.00***
    -2003 Topps Steve Smith Autograph BV $12.00
    -2003 Topps All American Quentin Griffin Autograph BV $20.00

    I have higher end stuff on my website. Please do not ask me what I want for so and so (obviously my wantlist is below plus there are always other players that I may want). ***Provide*** your own tradelist, and not offer me 5 $20 cards for a $100 one.


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    hey I need this for a set I'm doing plmk check my football site

    2001 Topps Finest Aaron Brooks Autograph BV $20.00

    plmk thanks

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    i like the coles auto, would you sell for cc? if not look at my website

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    i like this 2002 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Patrick Ramsey Rookie Premiere Materials Dual Jersey/Football (white/brown) seq. #ed 082/825 BV $25.00

    I can do a patrick ramsey flair rc and a t.j ford ultra gold medallion rc, or a clinton portis sweet spot rc gallery gu and can you throw in 100 cc?
    Also do you have a harrington rpm? if you do i can trade you my patrcik ramsey rc and a spx winning materials harrington.

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    SW and HS...sorry, didn't see anything.

    Scott...I didn't even look up the BVs of the rookie cards you offered, but why would I trade away a Ramsey GU ball/jersey RC for a Ramsey RC? The Portis is cool, but I like Ramsey a little more than I like Portis now. I'll pass.


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    Umm...I never asked for it, so why would I buy when I wouldn't even trade for it?


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    are you interested in 2002 fleer platinum portraits memorabilia ricky williams jersey for 02 playoff tomlinson piece of the game jersey? both bv is $15
    Collecting Barry Sanders, Tom Brady for myself. Collecting Bart Starr, Aaron Rodgers, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant, and Buster Posey for my son.

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    Only if it's him in a Phins jersey...which I don't he was?


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    2003 Topps All American Quentin Griffin Autograph BV $20.00

    lmk what u want for this, thanks

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