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Thread: If you had $200 to spend

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    If you had $200 to spend

    So If you had $200 bucks to spend only on sports cards what would you buy right now?

    Use low price guide for cards and retail for packs/boxes?



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    Eric Moulds 2001 Etopps currently at $157, one 2001 Keyshawn Johnson Etopps currently at $40!!!

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    I'd buy:
    4-5 boxes of 2002 SP Legendary Cuts baseball
    2-3 boxes of 2001 SP Legendary Cuts baseball


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    Originally posted by Qball76
    Eric Moulds 2001 Etopps currently at $157, one 2001 Keyshawn Johnson Etopps currently at $40!!!
    The Moulds are about to take a HUGE nosedive. Makes me wish I would have sold or traded him already.

    Anyways, with $200 I'd buy :

    etopps 00 Ricky Williams (my fav card that I don't have) $43
    etopps 01 David Boston $35
    etopps 01 Shaun Alexander $22
    etopps 01 Priest Holmes $57
    etopps 01 Michael Vick $41

    ...and have $2 left to give to a bum on the street.

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    I'd get a BGS 9.5 1987 Donruss Rafael Palmeiro
    Then 2 2001 Bowman's Best Albert Pujols
    And a pack of 2003 Finest Baseball so I can send away for the NPM.

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    Not sure what the fascination is with Etopps, but all manias die hard

    Remember beanie babies? stock market bull rush of 1992-2000?

    Etopps of 2001 Eric Moulds books for $157?

    How in the world are people paying $157 for that? Is there only one of that type of cyber-card?

    Heck, Jerry Rice 1986 Topps rookie only books $100

    I'd spend $200 on either un-opened packs, or on RC of Hall-of-Famers or potential Hall of Famers.

    Man, if I had the Eric Moulds, I sell it quick as can be.

    If you're collecting wide receivers, if it's not Jerry Rice, then it's gotta be Terrell Owens or Randy Moss or Marvin Harrison.

    Moulds, in several games during a regular 16-game season, disappears from the action.

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    It's all supply and demand Pod, and that's why I don't see etopps dying. People say, how can a Moulds be worth $157 when there's 212 of them... well there's something like over 40,000 accounts on etopps and even if you say 1/20th of them want the Moulds, that means there's 2000 people who want him. With only 212 cards and some people holding 25% of that card... supply and demand takes over. I don't ever see etopps dying but it will need to evolve in coming years because you won't ever have another 212 or even a 187 PR card such as the Tony Banks (who currently is at $400).

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    Just think about what Rice RC would be would be worth with a PR of 200! Difference with Etopps compared to Beanie Babies is that it is still sportscards, just a different way to buy and trade.

    With 200 to spend I would like to buy a bunch of Etopps Rookies!

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    Iggy, that's a good point about why Etopps are priced as they are.

    I hadn't though about it that way.

    Still, if I had Moulds, I couldn't sell it quick enough to satisfy me, lol

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    The thing that switched me to etopps was that if I purchased $200 worth of etopps I could sell them for $200 depending on the market...With cardboard your lucky to get 40%-50% of book...That's why I haven't bought any cardboard since....

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