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Thread: Sasaki Game Used for trade...

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    Sasaki Game Used for trade...

    I have a 2003 Upper Deck Kazuhiro Sasaki Game Used Jersey for trade.

    Im looking for Braves game used in return.

    LMK what you have.

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    I can give you either of these

    furcal or a jones 2001 ud sp game piece of the game edition bat.let me know of either of these will work.

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    Let me see what everyone else has to offer and I will let you know.

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    besides this trade i have a 2002 summer school duo jsy card of lopez/maddux bv 40 i will trade for either sox gu or cert autoes.lmk.

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    Redsox...whats the BV on the Andruw Bat card....I will probably do it if it is $10.


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    yeah its 10-15 not sure.did you want to trade for the other duo card.

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    Man I would love to trade for the dual jersey but I have no Redsox Autos or Game Used.

    If I get some in I will let you know.

    Anyways pm me your addy and I ll have your card out tomorrow.

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    I dont have anything to trade for it right now but I should be getting a bunch of stuff soon so I will let you know. GO ahead and PM your addy so I can package up your card.

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